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Pool Building Process

Pool Design - During the consultation period, we will provide you with a design to meet your wants, needs, and budget.

Layout - Once design is approved, we will schedule a visit to choose the location of the swimming pool and the equipment. The pool design of your will then be painted on the ground prior to stakeout. We require that you be present during this phase of construction. 

Permits - Construction plans and plot plan of property will be submitted to city officials for approval.  You may be required to apply for (HOA) authorization. Some HOA's require a deposit.

Utilities - Any rerouting of utilities will be handled by the home owner.

Excavation The crew will stakeout the pool perimeter and add forms.  pool dimensions will be 2' longer and wider to enable steel, plumbing, and gunite.  Excavation will begin by removing the soil from the yard.  Some dirt will remain for later use.  The steps of the pool will be shaped at gunite.

Stubout - Trenches will be dug to run the plumbing pipes back to the equipment location.

Steel - Reinforcing rebar will be placed along bottom, sides, bond beam, and around skimmers.

Inspection - The city inspector comes out to the job site to make sure that everything to this point is done to code.  These inspections can sometimes take a few days.  The inspector will sign off on the card inside the plastic cover, which will be kept visible on the construction site for the remainder of construction.

Gunite - This method uses a gunite mixer, which contains sand and portland cement that is mixed and compressed at the jobsite.  This mixture is then pumped at a high pressure throughout the pool.  After this the homeowner is an active participant.  For the next 7-10 days the homeowner will be required to water down the pool shell twice a day to help the gunite curing process.

Tile & Masonry - A skilled professional will come out next to install the tile, coping, and rock based on your design.  

Plumbing - Our licensed plumber will install the equipment and hook up all plumbing and any gas lines that may be required. 

City Inspection - If required.

Electrical -  Our master electrician will dig trenches to install the conduit, installs light fixtures, and connect equipment. 

City Inspection - If required.

Decks -  During the layout of the decking material the home owners presence is required.

City Inspection - If required.


Plaster - Our crew will surface the pool shell with the plaster product of your choice. Once finished, water can be added to the pool.  When the pool water has reached the middle of the waterline tile we will schedule a time to come out and start up the pool.

Start Up - This is when pool school will take place.  You will be shown how the pool operates and teach you about water chemistry.

Final Inspection - If required.

We hope we have made your pool experience fun and positive!

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